About Us

Wildflower Periods (formerly Period Cups Malaysia) was founded in 2020 with the goal of ushering in better periods for women all across Malaysia.

It started out with the AllMatters Menstrual Cup. Like most women, we used to dread each and every period as they only seemed to make our lives difficult. The constant change of pads, sneaking off to the bathroom, not being able to sit and sleep in the positions we wanted to, and not even being able to sneeze without there being a waterfall (if you know what we mean). What we didn't love about pads was the smell, the sounds they make when we walk and of course, the fact that they are ridiculously itchy.
We also thought about how many pads and tampons are used and discarded after only a few hours. The impact that these products have on the environment (and on our wallets) is devastating to say the least.
Then we found the AllMatters Menstrual Cup and it changed everything. Imagine not being able to feel anything when you sneeze. Imagine being able to sleep in any position you want, swim, do sports and just forget about your period. No more smelly, itchy, loud pads. The best part is, a single cup can last for several years at a time. It doesn't just help reduce waste and pollution, but it also helps all of us save money. 
So, we decided we wanted to bring the cup to every woman in Malaysia. Liaising with the brand owner, Wildflower Periods has become an official seller of the award-winning menstrual cup.

And it didn't stop there. Now, we have the full range of AllMatters products including the period underwear for those who prefer it over the cup (or those who are 'kiasu' and want to wear both). Aside from that, we have become official retailers of Hello Period, a New Zealand company whose multi-award-winning cups and discs are designed by period experts and a registered nurse.
We believe that no one should be held back by their body. We believe period products and personal care products should not contain harmful chemicals. Periods and personal care should not be the cause of major pollution. And they should never, ever be a source of shame.
Malaysia is more conservative culturally and periods are considered a taboo. However, we hope to break the silence and pave the way for something new.

To a better world and a better period.